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Vicars of Stiffkey

'Live and Uncassocked'

Includes 7 high quality mp3s, + 5 exclusive extra tracks, 'Shit Disco' music video, original cover art + press photos, all for the outrageous price of £2.50 for a limited time only.

This Norwich supergroup features label stalwarts, Will Teather upfront, Shane O'Linski on keys and Tom Conway on bass with guitar and drums from David Indge and Dom Redsell.


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Shane O'Linski

'Ever the Unless'

Intriguing, imaginative and endlessly creative, this latest slice of Shane's mind is part 1 of a 3-part album recorded during lockdown. Unlike most of our catalogue this album is available to stream via Spotify. CD contains  free copy of the forthcoming digibundle containing all 3 parts and extra content. Explore the website for more info in this fascinating LP.



Joey Herzfeld


I know I've been promising this for months but the genuinely brilliant new Joey Herzfeld album is actually coming soon.

Shane O'Linski - Shoddy Perfectionist


21st/22nd October, 2021 - Gringos

We Bless This Mess double show

23rd October, 2021 - Heartfest at Heartsease Pub

Yellowhammers and more...

5th November, 2021 - Voodoo Daddy's

Eat Your Own Head, Floral Image, Aphra


25th November, 2021 - Voodoo Daddy's

Bag of Cans, Yellowhammers, MARLA


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Under Destruction

I was updating this website the other day and noticed a bunch of the pages have disappeared for no explicable reason. And I have no idea how long they've been gone for. All of which is quite disconcerting. Please bear with me while I rebuild the missing pages. If you have any issues you can always contact me on ideolog@hotmail.co.uk

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Featured Video

Days To - Relentless Neverthelessness

'Days To' is the project of Oskari Kuusela, a Norwich music scene stalwart famous for playing in scores of bands in various roles. These songs were written and produced by Oskari, each one in collaboration with another Norwich artist.

Live music officially returned for me last Friday when I teched the launch gig for Space is Big - Have You No Shame EP. In association with Ideal Surreal we have a whole bunch of gigs lined up until the end of the year, the Space is Big EP launch gig last Friday was absolutely riotous, the next is one of our legendary 3-floor takedowns at Karma Kafe, Bedford Street, Norwich, featuring 10 bands over 3 floors.

We also have a very, very special announcement coming up regarding a new project. It's so special I don't even know how to announce it, I'll probably end up just sputtering it out in a shower of saliva a week before it happens. Keep your eels peeled people and come out to one of our live music events to rediscover how amazing the live music scene is in Norwich, UK.

After 40 years as a musician, countless bands, and over 1000 solo songs to his name, Shane O'Linski finally hits Spotify. As you may we know we only release a limited amount of music on Spotify but we have put this whole album up. 'Ever the Unless' is part 1 of a 3-part album that Shane recorded over lockdown. This sprawling opus was recorded during, and bats against, the bizarre year that was 2020. Within Shane's oeuvre I'd describe this release as "typically unique".

The CD comes with a free copy of the forthcoming digibundle which will include the entire 3-part album plus bonus content.

This is latest release from Off with their Records. Do with it what you will.

We have tons of stuffs coming up. 9th July we are working with Ideal Surreal putting on another 3-floor gig at Karma Kafe. Featuring amazing local acts you may have heard of and some you probably haven't heard of. Big boys include local badasses Floral Image,Pin Ups, Bug Teeth, Kulk. Lesser known acts include a one-off solo set from Mark Jennings (known for being the main man in Broads, EPIA and Master Solo) and the fantastic live electronic duet 'The Boil'; they've only played one gig before when I sound engineered for them pre-pandemic and they were mind-blowing, that's why I've asked them back. Do not miss!