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The Digital Revolution was a great leap forward in technology setting the stage for an overhaul in the way music is conceived, produced and distributed in the modern day. It was a monumental leveling of the playing field that should have reinvigorated the art and the industry.

Unfortunately, the Digital Revolution was a disruptive event that threatened vast wings of the established music industry with obsolescence and so the establishment fought to maintain its advantage, throwing all its weight behind such practices as streaming, a practice which benefits corporate giants over independent artists.


10 years after the fact, the world at large has still failed to realise the potential of the Digital Revolution.

But while material progress will be repressed, it cannot be stopped.

Off with their Records advocates business models which should be standard in the modern age. We practice a limited streaming policy, catering specifically to that experience, while advocating the production of 'digibundles', musical works designed for download, taking advantage of all that digital distribution has to offer, including vastly expanded potential for supporting artwork and ways of presenting the music. This is the future of not only the music industry but many other mediums including film, games and other hitherto unformed artistic expressions. 

Off with their Records is based in Norwich, UK, and was conceived in 2016 by Ryan Williamson.

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