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BRG 1.jpg

Genres: Pop, Psych, Indie, 60s rock, Post-punk

Active: 2014-present

Comparable to: The Beatles, Syd Barrett, Neil Young

Members: Shane Olinski - vocals, guitar

Chad Mason - keys

Tony Moje - guitar

Bromley - bass

Andrew Rayner - drums


Bavarien Rocket Groop

BRG are the current main band project of the almighty Shane Olinski. At its most fundamental, BRG are Shane Olinski as bandleader with Andrew Rayner on drums. Andrew is the front man of noughties indie quirk-pop legends, Magoo, and midwife to the famous Sickroom Studios, whereto Shane sojourns annually with a ragtag crew of wayward musicians to record whatever batch of songs Shane fancies of the moment. Key conspirators are Bromley on bass, Tony Mojo on guitar and then whosoever happens to be willing and able when the call goes out. BRG are guided by the principles of Shane Olinski; capturing the unique moment of performance is paramount to what they do, resulting in mind-bogglingly perfect yet twisted pop songs infused with an edgy energy that can only come from Shane's stubbornly elusive approach to music.

The debut album 'Eine Kleine Musik' is available now from our shop.

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