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BenC.Winn - I Can't Do Rounds Tonight

Ben C. Winn - Richard III

Ben C. Winn - Preowned

Joey Herzfeld - Fix Me Up

Joey Herzfeld - Food is Love

Joey Herzfeld - Seedy

Camille Davilla - One of Many

Camille Davilla - Spring Has a Shadow

Camille Davilla - I Spy

Monkiboy - Don't Give Anything Away

Monkiboy - Freedom

Battle Schultz - Battle On

Battle Schultz - What's the Use

Battle Schultz - Tracing a Wake

Morris Masuda - Guitar Improv

Current Undercurrant compilation #1

Current Undercurrant is a regular music night taking place the last Wednesday of every month at the sacred site of Jurnets Bar, Norwich. Jurnets has been home and crucible to a simmering sub-strata of music in Norwich for over 2 decades. The medieval crypt provides the perfect vibe for acoustic, folk and experimental music and attracts a devoted core of promoters, punters and performers. 

Current Undercurrant was devised by Shane Olinski as a low key recording event. This is the first compilation of those recordings, taken from one night in November 2017, this compilation shows the remarkable talents that gather regularly in dark little rooms across the Earth. 


Includes 15 high quality mp3s from 6 different artists + info PDFs on the performers and producers

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