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Space is Big

'Back to Bed' EP

Out now as a digibundle and CD including the debut '5 More Minutes' EP from our online shop.



Joey Herzfeld

a brilliant new collection of songs by Joey Herzfeld and his band coming soon...

Shit BritainSpacie Is Big
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Space is Big - Back to Bed EP - Out Now

Though the threat of a virulent viral foe pressing it's face persistently against the windows of civilisation has caused us to cancel our upcoming live events, Space is Big's 2nd EP steps out with impunity. The new 6-track EP is available to stream on all major streaming platforms and we've released a special Back to Bed digibundle featuring both the new EP and the debut '5 More Minutes EP' available as MP3 or WAV with all album artwork available now from the Off with their Records SHOP.

Featured Track

Space is Big - Shit Britain

From the current 'Back to Bed' EP available on all streaming platforms and available to download along with a free copy of their debut '5 More Minutes' EP.


It's been a long and arduous journey. In truth the last half of 2019 was a bit of a write off, but the arduousness was ardent and it's finally here. On January 31st, the debut album from Shane Olinski's 'Bavarien Rocket Groop' launches heroically into the stratosphere, destination: the heart of the sun. Join us at Space Studios, Swan Ln, Norwich, for a night of live music to celebrate. The event features performances from Bavarien Rocket Groop, Lucille & the Seals, Joey Herzfeld Band and Hydra Lerna.

Free entry.

The download is available from our shop featuring some great extra content, all CDs come with a free download and free p&p.

Space is Big affirm themselves as Norwich's new punk heroes as they drop a song that encapsulates the political angst that has defined British punk since its inception. 'Shit Britain' was written in the darkest depths of Tory rule, an era that has seen the dismantlement of every idea and institution that this country had to be proud of as well as hurling us into the farcical chaos of Brexit that has torn our society asunder. With the general election one week away it is unclear whether this song will end up as a relic reminding us of a darker time gone by or if it will continue to be an anthem of outrage against this lamentable government.

Hallelujah praise the lawn. After 2 months of absolute standstill on the debut album from Bavarien Rocket Groop we are finally on the move again. Artwork is coming together, tracklist is finalised and the last little overdubs have been decided on. And here it is.


In the Wild

Not Listening

I've Seen You


Don't Look Down

Be Being With You



Someone Wivva Guitar

Many Ways to See



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