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Live Events History

Started 03/08/19, will endeavour to go back further for posterity's sake.

December 6th - Off with their Records hosts Music House Sessions - Jurnet's Bar, Norwich

feat. Jessica Aspinall, Joe Quinn, David JR Jones, Takeda

November 15th Ideal Surreal/Off with their Records 3-floor shebang - Karma Kafe, Norwich

feat. 12 bands accross 3 floors including Damp Matches, Ravenous Hounds, Bug Teeth + many more

November 1st - Lucky Mojo's 'Stranger Things' Halloween Party - Karma Kafe, Norwich

Lucky Mojo's Manic City Vibes presents another themed gig for Halloween featuring performances from MARLA, The Renadeans and Leatherback.

September 21st - Joey Herzfeld - Louis Marchesi, Norwich

with support from Robyn Astrid, Stromm, Bridget Holmes


September 6th - Ideal Surreal + PMVpodcast 3-floor shebang - Karma Kafe, Norwich

£7otd, £5 from Ideal Surreal, 12 bands over 3 floors including

Space is Big, Tom Conway Trio, Maximalist Banquet, Discharge Lounge, Project Mork, Aphra, Zaharie Lambert's Underjoy, and more...

August 25th - Bavarien Rocket Groop pre-launch party - The Playhouse, Norwich

Free entry. With support from Fresh Flowers, Bug Teeth and Niamh

August 3rd 8.30pm, Yellowhammers - Harlequin Fayre, Nomad Stage


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