2019 06 21, Waterfront Studio, Marla (60

Untitled EP 2015

In Limbo EP 2016

Satoru EP 2018

Untitled EP 2019


09th July, 2021 - Karma Kafe

10th July, 2021 - Wildcraft Brewery

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Genres: post-rock, alt-rock, electronic, experimental

Comparable to: Radiohead, Foals, Jack White, Björk, Sigur Rós

Members: Chris Robertson - vocals, Moog

David Burton - guitar, synth, vocals, tape loops

Ryan Williamson - bass, synth

James Whiley - drums, drum machine

MARLA came out of Norwich's Access to Music college as one of the most exciting and energetic garage rock bands on the scene.

A band in perpetual revolt, their career has taken them through post-rock, electronic and experimental territory.

MARLA have released 4 EPs to date including the pivotal 2019 EP, recorded

at Abbey Road Institute.

MARLA are currently recording a fifth EP.

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