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It's been a busy time for us as far as gigs are concerned. We've been slapping Norwich with some pretty fine live music over the last couple of months and we have a few more coming up. On 25th November at Voodoo Daddy's we have 2 Off with their Records bands playing on the same bill. MARLA and Yellowhammers are supporting frat-rock favourites, Bag of Cans, along with Californian indie-rockers, The Acharis.

3rd December Off with their Records star player, Shane Olinski, is playing one of his typically unique shows with an ad hoc band that's rumoured to be about 10-people strong, supporting Galli and with support from The Rabbits.

11th December Catch 21 Records are running a joint Christmas do with Off with their Records. It starts at the Shoe Factory with a massive line-up of killer bands and Wildcraft Brewery catering the event with exclusive beverages.

And there are more but I'm running out of space. Keep your eyes on here for more updates.

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