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Bavarien Rocket Groop confined to camp

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

After BRG's pre-launch gig at the Playhouse on 25th August, the Groop remain Earthbound while scientists carry out the final safety precautions on their ship. Guitarist of the Groop, Tony Moje, has completed his tinkering while the unpredictable captain, Shane O'Connor-linski, has commanded the mission with his usual guile, at once confounding and challenging the scientists at his disposal with formulas designed to alter their perception of reality rather than affirm their limited 'rocket science'. With only a few mechanical preparations to be made before the Rocket's fateful ascent, the Groop spend their intermittent days as well as they can until Ground Control issues their final countdown. The definitive launch date will be announced within the next few weeks directly after all safety checks have been made.

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