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Hello. We have a whole load of releases lined up. Over the next few months we have a string of EPs from Takeda culminating in an album with a launch gig at the Louis Marchesi on 8th July. We have the new album from Tom Conway coming out with a launch gig on 28th June. The last Tom Conway album sold out, it's nice to be doing something again that gets such a wonderful response. In the same vein as the Takeda release we have a string of EPs coming out from Jessica Aspinall culminating in an album. And of course we have the long-awaited Joey Herzfeld album just waiting on a few bits of additional art.

There's a new episode of PMVpodcast out featuring Aaron Gould-Magee, follow The Project Multivitamin Podcast to find nearly 10 years of Norwich music. And we have plenty of gigs coming up too, check out our live events list above.

It's a lot of stuff. Excuse me now, I have work to do.

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