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Magic Words

Over the last couple of months we have been working closely with Takeda on their new release and, as is our remit, we have not jumped through the hoops, mechanically doing all the things you're told to do when releasing music, we've treated this release like the unique phenomenon that is, handling it in a way that elevates and extends it, drawing out all its depths and exploring all its wonders in the very way we release it.

Over the past few months we've been dropping parts of the album, performance videos, EPs to stream, artwork and singles, to really make it an experience. Rather than just dropping the album in one go we've kind of made it a 2-month-long album release.

If you go to Spotify you can find 3 distinct EPs from Takeda from the 'Magic Words' release event; consummate sets of songs and artwork that stand alone in their own right. If you go to YouTube you can find a performance video of 'Solomon's Mines' and an artwork video for the single 'Cessation'.

The full album will be released on July 8th with a launch gig at the Louis Marchesi with live performances from Takeda, Pretty Terry, The Ornithologists and Jake Raywood. There you can get the CD which has a poster album sleeve and the download which contains extra material. Every format of release, stream, CD, download or video, is unique and exceptional tailored specifically for that format. That is what we do at Off with their Records.

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