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We are thrilled to announce the release of the new EP by Shane O'Linski's band 'The Ornithologists'. The new EP, 'Night', will be available on CD, download and the 5 main tracks will be available to stream on all major streaming services. We will be celebrating with a launch gig at The Rumsey Wells, Norwich on 18th March featuring performances from The Ornithologists, Takeda and Joey Herzfeld.

Which brings us nicely around to saying that the long-awaited, much-lauded new album from Joey Herzfeld is one step closer to being released. We're just sorting artwork then we'll have a release date for you. Woop woop.

And you can hear exclusive first plays of tracks from both those releases in the new Off with their Records podcast. It's right there on the front page of our website or if you're reading this in the distant future, hey, how's it going? Do we have flying cars yet?

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