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Night Has Fallen

The new EP 'Night' by Shane O'Linski's 'The Ornithologists' has descended upon us from on high and settled here on Earth in the form of a CD and download.

We've departed from our house style for the CD and printed off a limited run of beautifully illuminated digipak CDs available for £6 from our shop free p&p. Or for those of you who view CDs as an outdated and reprehensible medium the download is available for just £3 including all the artwork and promo animation.

Thanks to everybody who has helped bring this into being. First and foremost Shane O'Linski for being an unstoppable musical juggernaut, the many musicians who performed on the album, Sickroom Studios for recording and Morris for spearheading the production, design and release, it's been very nice not operating as a one-man record label for a change.

We have a launch event at The Rumsey Wells, Norwich on 18th March featuring performances from The Ornithologists, Takeda, Joey Herzfeld and Jon Cocker where the CD will be available very slightly cheaper £5, mostly because I can't be bothered handing out loose change. See you there and stay tuned for more...

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