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The Following Night

Some of you may have noticed that we (Ideal Surreal, Off with their Records and Howlback Hum) have partnered up to put on a new monthly live music night every 3rd Friday of the month at The Rumsey Wells, Norwich. The night hopes to adopt the spirit that used to underpin the Music House nights that ran weekly for over 2 decades at the historic Jurnets Bar. With Jurnets now closed we wanted to bring a little of that magic back. Last month we used the night as a launch event for The Ornithologists EP with a line-up of amazing performers. Unfortunately Shane was still testing positive for covid and couldn't really play his own launch gig, so we are going again.

April 15th at The Rumsey Wells The Ornithologists are actually playing this time, with support from Amy French (Blisster) and Pete Murdoch (Birds of Hell). If you know who they are you know it's going to be a damn good one.

Free entry.

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