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Shane Olinski

Often compared to Syd Barrett for his offbeat psych pop style, Shane's gloriously prolific and eccentric career has spanned 4 decades. Along with his equally prolific work as an underground promoter in the Norwich music scene, Shane has garnered widespread adulation; though his abstruse, anti-pop personality as well as his Romantic penchant for the local and the provincial has always caused him to cock a snook at the limelight. Nonetheless, Shane's many accolades include featuring on BBC 6's Exposure series back in 2017.

While his recorded output is immense and varied, including many different bands, collaborations and one-off projects, the vast majority of Shane's astonishing output remains unreleased. 

Find the debut album from Shane's longest-running band Bavarien Rocket Groop in our shop now, as well as his lockdown opus 'Ever the Unless' and the Night EP from his band The Ornithologists.

Also, Shane's lusciously produced album 'Getting

Closer (retainingthesoulbynumbers)' and '5ive more 

getting closer songs' EP is available from Tontena

Music here. 

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