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We're from Norwich 20

This epic project celebrates 20 years of the Norwich music scene and 20 years since the first 'We're from Norwich' compilation LP was released. Norwich is a thriving hive of creativity and inventiveness rarely seen quite like this in other cities. The first compilation released in 2003 captured that magic and was an enormous success, putting Norwich on the map nationally and internationally. Over the years many more compilations were gathered and released to great acclaim. 'We're from Norwich 20' puts together a new compilation for the first time in over 10 years, showcasing the Norwich music scene as it stands today. There is a 12" LP and a 15-track 'More from Norwich' CD featuring all contemporary artists living and working in Norwich. There is also the 'I'm not from here but it feels like home' book about 20 years of the Norwich music scene featuring articles from some of its most active participants. On top of that there is the 'We're from Norwich 20' download which features all the aforementioned products plus the entire Howlback Hum back catalogue featuring over 100 artists from the last 20 years of the Norwich music scene. Browse the various bundles below to find the right one for you. Full artist list for all the products can be viewed below. 


Includes the 'We're from Norwich 20' 12-track vinyl LP, 15-track 'More from Norwich' CD, 'I'm not from here but it feels like home' book and the massive 'We're from Norwich 20' digital download. All housed in a 12" pizza box.


Includes the basic bundle plus the 'Lucky 7' goodie bag featuring a random selection of merch worth over £10. Will typically include a selection of things like 7" vinyl, CDs, badges, stickers, beautiful posters/fliers, downlode codes and whatever else we can stuff in there from Norwich's historic music heritage.


Includes everything from the Lucky 7 bundle plus 'We're from Norwich' 1+2 each on 12" vinyl plus five 7" records from the Howlback Hum archive. Count that vinyl, that's three 12" records, five 7" records plus whatever's in the goodie bag, that's a lot of vinyl!


Mobile-friendly download includes all the audio material from the vinyl collector bundle (excluding Lucky 7 items which are exclusive to the goodie bag) and the digital version of the book. Download is 1.11gigabytes but is not dumped on you all at once, you receive an email containing links to each element to download as you want them. Links do not expire. Full tech support by contacting Off with their Records via this website or

Bespoke Packages

If you've already purchased an element of the bundle and want to upgrade, email us saying what you've got and what you want and we'll put together a custom package for you.

Full Artist List

All these albums are available in the download

* = available in the vinyl collector bundle

We're from Norwich 20 LP* features:

Lady Di, Other Half, Urk, Glitchers, Ravenous Hounds, Birds of Hell, Grandbaby, Waxx!, Happy J Fost, MARLA, Gemma Cullingford, Tristan Burfield.

More From Norwich CD* features:

The Ornithologists, The Rabbitts, Takeda, Red Mar, The Vicars of Stiffkey, Yellowhammers, Vieira & the Silvers, Joey Herzfeld, Femme Dé, Project Multivitamin, Cutout Joconde, Wormhole, The Fool's Moon, The Neutrinos, Chris Dowding

We're from Norwich #1* features:

Teknikov, Postalowa, Bearsuit, Sunday Music, Rocknrollband, The Rebeccas, El Sub, Horses Brawl, Olinski feat. Toko, Le Tetsuo, Hyper Kinako, Mono on Mono, Magoo, Tonkyl, The Gore Vidals

We're from Norwich #2* features:

The Cold Front, The Gore Vidals, Cruiser Chimps, Evader, Master Solo, The Bells The Bells, Sunday Music, Alto 45, The Rebeccas, Magoo, Hoofus, Lalia, Charlotte Morris, Royal McBee, Bavarien Rocket Groop, The Sadtowns, A Mcdonnell and M Nettell, Girlie Energy

We're from Norwich #2 bonus CD features:

Florence of Stellaria, The Porn, Giant Robot and the City of Tokyo, Violet Violet, Olinski, Emily MOtel, Phnom Penh, Danny Gillies Trio, Sunday Music, Ben Grizzly, Cortez, T-Bone Steak, nibby, Kat n KoWala, Rich'y, Teknikov, The Sally Army, The Cactus Quartet, eLsuB, Rory McVicar, Ashley Man Smith, A Mcdonnell and M Nettell, The Rebeccas, 720 seconds of silence

We're from Norwich #3 features:

Rebecca and the Mountains, Sickroom Studio, Bearsuit, Le Tetsuo, Mochikolinski, L'Instant Fatale, Hyper Kinako, Beavmeister, Chickedy and McGuffin, Tell Me How, Checkout Girls, The Gore Vidals, Royal McBee, GGGrits, Ben Grizzly, The Bells The Bells, Rory McVicar, Alto 45, eLsuB, Charlotte Morris, Olinski, Fist of the Red Assault, Sunday Music, The Cold Front, Le Tetsuo, The Incidentals, Alex Sheppard, Teknikov, Cortez, Tiger MCs, Master Solo, Mat Riviere, Goathoven, Chad Mason, The Sally Army, The Elephant Dress, The Aprons, Olinski Phone

The Small World of Norwich features:

Aldrin in the Eagle, Fever Fever, The Loose Leaf Drifters, eLsuB, Rory McVicar, Mat Riviere, BK & Dad, Chickedy and McGuffin, Rbecca and the Mountains, Master Solo, Alexander Dome, The Bookcase, The Middle Ones, The Winter Visitors, Bambi Get Over It, Giant Robot, Olinski, wiQwar, The Gore Vidals

Norwich at Large features:

Master Solo, Rebecca and the Mountains, Charlotte Morris, Shane Olinski, Oliver Beavis, Andrew Taylor, Aldrin in the Eagle, Alexander Dome, The Dim Goddess, Will Barlow, Fever Fever, Sunday Music, Chad and Chums, Bambi Get Over It, The Bookcase, Donkey Cock, The Loose Leaf Drifters, The Middle Ones, My Dark Aunt

Strictly Solo features:

Chad Mason, German Tristan, Mat Riviere, Tiger MCs, Master Solo, Christa Harris, Andy Ray, T-Bone Steak, Will Barlow, Shane Olinski, Babybarb, Ashley Smith, Nick Melia, Namy Nameless, Ben Grizzly, Head Office, Charlotte Morris, Bromley, Rory McVicar, Mikey Vader, Lucky Jim, Mike Cranny, Rich, OHAGI

Oddnotch Bestwick (EP)* features:

Cruiser Chimps, Charlotte Morris, Mochikolinski, Horses Brawl

Le Tetsuo - I understand if you speak slowly (album)*

Hoofus/The Cold Front (split EP)*

The Bells The Bells (album and single*)

Teknikov (album)

Rory McVicar/Hoofus (split EP)*

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