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Shane O'Linski - Every Summer Ever

Exhibiting the lyrical virtuosity and songwriting mastery via his living, breathing approach to music production that has made Shane one of Norwich's most vital and awe-inspiring artists for decades, 'Every Summer Ever' continues Shane's epic oeuvre.

With the help of Shane's stalwart bass player and musical compatriot, Oskari Kuusela, the infamously Luddite O'Linski continued performing for 2 hours every week through lockdown via Twitch. The pair recorded 100s of songs in this time, picked out a few sweet bouquets and then layered the hell out of them. With a star-studded cast of performers, this album is part 2 of a 3-part opus.

CDs include a QR code linking to a free copy of the forthcoming digibundle which will collect all 3 parts and bonus content. The songs from this album are available to stream on Spotify.


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