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Joey Herzfeld Band - Table For One - cover art.jpg

Joey Herzfeld Band - Table for One

The highly anticipated new album from The Joey Herzfeld Band. With luscious arrangements that would make Brian Wilson jealous, songwriting that would make Lou Reed raise an eyebrow and performances that would make James Brown explode, this is an album you must hear (yes, I know two and a half of those people are dead, the statement stands). Find the EP version on Spotify for a sample of this extraordinary LP.

1. Inside

2. Death of a Critic
3. Catch
4. Table for One
5. Slowly Melting
6. Goodnight
7. Bleep

8. North Korean Waltz

9. Not a Muse

10. Here Comes the Airplane

11. Flying Ant Day

12. Until the Light Goes Out

13. Wake Up


Includes 13 high quality mp3 or wavs, bonus interview and artwork.


(free UK p&p)

Includes copy of the download 

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