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Table For One

I can barely believe the time has come. We started producing this album years ago. Between lockdown, nervous breakdowns, ballooning musical arrangements and myriad other issues, 'Table For One' by Joey Herzfeld Band is the longest and most complex production project the label has ever done and, as a result, probably the best thing we've ever put out. With luscious arrangements that would make Brian Wilson jealous, songwriting that would make Lou Reed raise an eyebrow and performances that would make James Brown ejaculate, this is an album you must hear (yes, I know two and a half of those people are dead, the statement stands).

We are releasing a 6-track EP version on Spotify for your listening pleasure, the full album will be available here on CD and download with extras and, I will be officially announcing and explaining this later but for those of you who can be bothered to read this far, we are starting a Bandcamp and this album will be the first release on the platform. If you know anything about the label ethos you know the move to Bandcamp is a big deal, look out for more on that.

Until then, come check out the album launch show at The Louis Marchesi Bar on Friday March 1st where Joey will be performing with support from Cosmic Surf, 7-10pm.

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