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A Barrage of Bangers

Before lockdown we (Off with their Records and Ideal Surreal) had some of the best gigs we've ever organised lined up. I'm talking a gig a month for 6 months of not just the best bands around but some of the best bands that have ever been around the scene. After a bit of a lull back when the recession happened, Norwich is booming again with the quality, diversity, character and dynamism that it has been so famous for and we now boast a live music scene that is bristling with mind-bending talent. Then lockdown hit and that all got scrapped. But since the world started opening up again we have resumed our giggage and it has been spectacular. Not only have we had line-ups that should go down in legend, the crowds have been insane. Now we have 2 more gigs to go before we take a little break to focus on writing, recordings and releases in 2022.

I won't go on too much about the gig on 11th because it's sold out. If you're going, you know about it, if not, I won't rub it in. But if you're about on 17th December we have a free entry party-style gig going on at the Rumsey Wells. A loose line-up, jammy elements, Ideal Surreal DJ-ing afterwards and general fun. Join us for our last knees-up of the year.

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