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I have been very slack with updates since the new year. I feel like I'm traveling with all momentum no motivation right now as I'm propelled forward, like a frog mid-leap, by all the projects I started many months ago. It's an odd arc to be caught in but not entirely alien to me. I have a number of big projects which are all about to be completed and burst forth in quick succession over the next couple of months so I'm not thinking much about what I'm doing or why, it's just work work work, hence it feels like all momentum no motivation. I get more excitement out of coming up with new ideas than completing them so despite the fact that some really massive, cool things are about to reach fruition, I'm actually looking forward to them being done so I can move on to the next thing. Just a little insight into my mind for you there. Now about that stuff. Next big thing to happen is the Waxx! debut album launch and tour. We will be playing at HMV, Norwich, on 4th March, think we're on about 2pm, and our album will be available through them exclusively for a week before we start touring it and selling it far and wide. Follow here and on Instagram for more up dates on all our projects as they happen.

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