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New Year Here

As we crawl into 2022, this arbitrary punctuation of time brings pause and cadence to our endeavours. There are a number of changes happening at Off with their Records which should see 2022 be a very productive and interesting year.​

First, we are moving away from being a one-man operation. It kind of worked at the start but now it's practically impossible. I have found over the last couple of years releases are taking forever to finish and the quality has even been compromised. In 2022 I am shifting my recording work to local studio, Catch 21. With each project I am finding other key people to help with the work. And I am trying to be more streamlined with the amount of work I take on, though saying no to things I want to do has always been tough.

We're putting on less gigs this year, we were organising more than one a month for the last 6 months, now we are taking a little break to focus on releases as well as writing and recording with some of the bands I'm more actively involved in.

We already have a bunch of exciting releases in the can which you will be hearing over the next few months. So as we turn the page, prepare for an exciting new chapter here at Off with their Records.

Happy New Year

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