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Our activities have slowed temporarily during lockdown 2. Technically, as a business we can still operate the same as we could during the 3-tier system but we're showing a bit of extra respect by deferring elements of our work to limit our contact with others as much as possible during lockdown. It is quite annoying that the tier system only came into effect on October 14th and then lockdown 2 was enforced less than 2 weeks later just as we were getting to grips with it but we press on in the noblest way we can.

The documentary we are shooting in conjunction with Ideal Surreal is into the editing stage. Still a little bit of shooting to do once we've identified the gaps but it's progressing nicely. Follow us on Instagram to receive more regular updates.

The Joey Herzfeld album is progressing slowly, we will drop another single soon. Listen to the current single 'Inside' to get a taste of this magnificent album.

Yellowhammers are back in the studio as soon as possible recording their new album. Recording began at the excellent 'The Crunch' recording studio last month. Fans will be excited to know we're working with Magoo drummer, Stacy Gow, to bring another diverse, experimental art-rock opus. Check out the first mini-album, side A streaming for free exclusively on our website, full album available on CD, download and cassette from our store.

Off with their Records are thrilled to be aiding a 3rd party on a major archival project to record basic demos of the entire monumental back catalogue of our hallowed musical guru Mr. Shane Olinki. This archive of nearly 1000 songs will be available for all to listen to for free and even though the project is only 3% of the way through his absolute genius is already reaffirmed in my heart as it is so often. If you're not acquainted with Shane you can find his albums with Bavarien Rocket Groop and The Vicars of Stiffkey to buy and stream on our website. He also has a pretty good Bandcamp page and an incredibly produced album out on Tontena Music.

Our mountain of music continues to grow, I have a lot of exciting stuff waiting but not relying on my attention, I wish I had more time to get to it, or some help doing it. Any producers or anybody looking to get into the business of a record label I'm always open to job applications, contact me about anything on

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