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PMVpodcast Returns

It's back. The world's longest running live-music podcast (I think that's actually true) returns for an 8th season.

PMVpodcast was in some ways the mother of Off with their Records. It began in October 2013 when I began recording bands live in session in my attic bedroom, initially with just 2 mics and an audio interface. This is how I became aware of the depth and brilliance of the Norwich music scene and how I started learning to record and mix music. I stepped back from the podcast after 7 seasons to focus on other things but unsurprisingly I couldn't stay away. PMVpodcast is back and it's come a long way since the attic.

Season 8 begins with We Bless This Mess. We recorded this session down in the underbelly of The Rumsey Wells pub.

Follow PMVpodcast on any podcast provider, find it on Off with their Records Soundcloud and you can even visit our old Tumblr website if you're feeling old school.

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