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Summer Here, Summer There

Our latest release, the 'We're from Norwich' bundle, smashed Off with their Records records as our biggest seller to date, we hope you're all happy with the cornucopia of music therein. We will continue to promote throughout summer with another gig in the works.

And it's festival season. Get yourselves out to a fest, it'll do you good. Apart from all that we're moving on to some exciting new projects. We have a lot of music in the can waiting to be released and some interesting new ideas to explore. I'd love to spill the beans on all the machinations at work but it's hard to know what's going to fly next so stay tuned to hear about stuff as it happens. Follow us on Instagram and follow The Project Multivitamin Podcast on any podcast service for more in-depth discussions about the local music scene and what we're up to within it.

Long live the digital revolution.

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