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Live Music Revival

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Live music officially returned for me last Friday when I teched the launch gig for Space is Big - Have You No Shame EP. In association with Ideal Surreal we have a whole bunch of gigs lined up until the end of the year, the Space is Big EP launch gig last Friday was absolutely riotous, the next is one of our legendary 3-floor takedowns at Karma Kafe, Bedford Street, Norwich, featuring 10 bands over 3 floors.

We also have a very, very special announcement coming up regarding a new project. It's so special I don't even know how to announce it, I'll probably end up just sputtering it out in a shower of saliva a week before it happens. Keep your eels peeled people and come out to one of our live music events to rediscover how amazing the live music scene is in Norwich, UK.

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