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We're From Norwich

The end of April brings the blossom of a project that we have been working on for over a year and a half. We're from Norwich 20 is a goliath release that marks 20 years since the first 'We're from Norwich #1' (a compilation album encapsulating Norwich's astonishing music scene) and 20 years of fine city music. The release includes a 12" vinyl collecting 12 tracks from contemporary artists living and working in Norwich today and a CD featuring a further 15 tracks. There is a book, 'I'm not from here but it feels like home' collecting articles about Norwich from some of it's most active participants and a download that collects all the above material plus 'We're from Norwich' 1+2 and the Howlback Hum back catalogue of some of Norwich's best artists of the last 20 years. This whole package will be available to but for a meagre £20 because this is a non-capitalist enterprise. There is also a download-only release which collects all that material, just no physical product, for just £8.

We have a full weekend of gigs, check out live events section above to see what's going on.

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